Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry skin is susceptible to the weather and is prone to wrinkles. Defend it against wind, sun and water. Dry skin must not be washed with cold water and soap, nor should astringent creams be used. As an alternative, after cleaning it at night, before bed-time, it is better to use a good freshner which might give it some freshness. The treshner should be non-alcoholic, since alcohol dries the skin. Moisturizer should be spread gradually on the face by giving outward motion either with cotton or fingers. Use moisturizer on your neck and other parts, which are uncovered.

Diet, rich with vitamins A, B, C, D must be taken.

Dry Skin looks dull, particularly on the cheeks and around the eyes. There may be tiny expression outline on these spots and at the comers of the mouth.  Dry skin is the effect of lack of water in your skin-not oil. Dry skin can be transformed into a healthy skin by natural home remedies.

Normal Home remedies for Dry skin

Home remedy for dry skin 1: Create a puree of 1 banana and 1 papaya, peach or avocado and apply to skin. Leave on for at least 20 minutes then clean with warm water, followed by a moisturizer of normal margarine or natural vegetable oil.

Home therapy for dry skin 2: Mix up half-teaspoon honey with the yolk of an egg and one tablespoon dried out milk powder. Mix into a paste and apply, remove after 20-25 minutes with water. One of the good home remedies for dry skin.

Home medicine for dry skin 3: Grated cucumber can be applied all over the face and the juice is good for the skin just around the eyes too. Helps to make tighter the skin and has a cooling and refreshing result.

Home medication for dry skin 4: Apply normal mayonnaise, either homemade or from natural foods store. Massage into skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes, and wash thoroughly with warm water. One of the best home remedies for dry skin.

Home cure for dry skin 5: Make a pulp of raw papaya and apply on effected area. Papaya has a purification action, softening dead skin cells and aiding their removal

Remedy Dry Skin – Helpful tips for dry itchy skin on face

Restrict the use of tap water when cleansing dry skin.

Dry skin needs lot of thorough but gentle cleansing, regular stimulation with massage and generous quantities of oil and moisture.

Use mineral water to clean up your face.

Use nondetergent, neutral-pH products to wash your skin.

Avoid using any profitable soap.

Dry skin Care – Some instructions for skin care

Dry skin has a thin and papery touch.

It experiences dry to touch.

The pores are really fine.

After a clean it feels tight, as though it is too small for the face.

By midday flaky patches emerge.

Barely ever break out in spots.

Dry skin care by medication

For dry skin use a creamy cleanser to dissolve away dirt. Leave it on skin before sweeping it away with cotton wool. Splash cold water onto your face to dirt free and refresh your skin. Use a bulky cream moisturizer to seal in as much moisture as likely.

Lessening of lubrication on the skin i.e. reduction of oil production on the skin renders skin to appear dry. This situation is very common in winters and rainy seasons. Thighs, lower arms, chest, flanks (sides of abdomen), cheeks and the area around neck are the most common sites of the where maximum skin is affected by dryness. The skin is becomes stretchy and tight after wash. Skin may crack or becomes scaly in severe cases.


Following are the causes which causes dry skin

Exposure to harsh environmental conditions like extremes winters etc.

Usage of excess of make up especially that of chemical one

Effects of pollution on the skin causing it loose its normal moisture.

Usage of harsh face wash and soaps that causes skin to dry

Nutritional deficiency like that of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E may also lead to dry skin.

Less supply to oil to the oil glands also may cause dry skin

Home Remedies

Gentle massage of almond oil mixed with olive oil before going to bed can help in relieving from dry skin.

Soak your face in Luke warm water to avoid dryness of skin on your face.

Note: avoid washing your face with warm water to avoid dryness of face

Mashed ripe banana is applied on the face and neck and left for some time. After wards it is washed with luke warm water to get the good shiny skin.

Grape seed oil massage on the face is a excellent remedy to avoid dry skin

Application castor oil or avocado oil is another remedy to get rid of dry skin in severe cases

Regular exercise and physical activities also helps in improving blood circulation which eventually helps in avoiding skin ailments like dry skin etc.

regular consumption of alcohol and tobacco should be avoided

Avoid excess drinking of coffee and tea.

Application of aloe Vera gel is very helpful in avoiding dry skin problems.

Avoid washing your face with normal tap water; instead use filtered water or mineral water.

Vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E rich diet should be taken

Consumption of green vegetable is very essential to maintain the beauty of skin.

Bathing with milk once a month is also a good solution to dry skin problem.

Oat meal and honey are mixed and is used as a moisturizer for the skin.

Oat meal and honey are mixed and is used as a moisturizer for the skin.

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